Private balloon rides for two:  $500

Individual balloon rides:  $300

Tether Event at your location:  $800/per hour.     What’s a tether event, you ask?  That’s where we come to your location, tether the balloon in place, and then give your guests rides up to 50 feet in the air and come down again.  Three or four people at a time can ride, and they can go as many times as your contracted time allows.

Cancellation Policy:   Please notify us 48 hours in advance of your flight if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Book a Flight or Event:
Just call us or email to book a date for your flight or event.


35 thoughts on “Pricing

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  2. Hello!

    I am trying to plan a balloon ride for my two children an I for my birthday in March. My daughter is 19 and my son is 12. Would the three of us be able to do this together? I see the price for 2 people. What about 3?

  3. My father and I we’re talking about hot air balloon rides. Told him it’s on my bucket list and he said he always wanted to go. Would you be able to fit 3 adults, and 2 kids? We’ll one kid is adult sizes….pre-teen…pray for me. Would 1300 be total cost? This would have to be a few months if planning and saving but would love to do this for my parents and kids.

    • 4 is the max for my balloon depending on size, weight and temperature of the day. 1000 would be total for 4. If you have any other questions or to make reservations, please call 803-230-1178. Thanks

  4. Do you gift cards??
    I would like to surprise my husband for his birthday but he travels a lot so it’s hard to pin down a weekend without checking with him…

  5. I would like to purchase the private ride for 2 as a Xmas gift. I saw I can call for a certificate. Can we bring wine with us? Do you have certain months that you go up?

    No alcohol allowed during flight. We fly year round, weather permitting.

    • 2 or more is $250 per person. Children have to be tall enough to see out the basket which is 3 feet high. They also have to want to do it and not be scared of the burner.

  6. When is the best time of year to go up. Definitely a bucket list item!!! I would be going up alone because my family is chicken!! LOL I have tethered once and loved it!

  7. I see your pricing mentions Private Balloon Rides for 2. Does this mean, there are only 2 of us plus the pilot in the basket during the trip? And how long is the flight? How far do we travel?

    Yes, about an hour and we travel with the wind.

  8. Hey there I’m trying to surprise my fiance. For her birthday and to mark something off her bucket list. Are you available April 11th.

  9. Hello,
    I was wondering if you have a flight for 2 on the 10 or 11th of April ? An 18th birthday present.😊

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