Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time of year to fly?
Any time of year is great. Each season has its own appeal:
Spring – Everything is bright green, flowers are blooming.
Summer – Crops are ready to harvest, cotton white in the fields.
Autumn – Trees are in full color, crisp chill in the air.
Winter – Cool air, wildlife such as deer or wild turkey easily seen

Ballooning Attire:
Dress for the weather; temperature in the balloon will be about the same as on the ground. Cotton clothing, long pants preferred, tennis shoes or boots, no flip flops, sandals or high heels.

Is there any time we can’t go up in the air?                                                                       For your safety, we do not take balloons up when it’s raining or there are likely to be lightening storms, or if the wind is more than 10 mph.

When will we fly?

Either early morning, just at sunrise or late afternoon several hours before sunset.

Can I help?

Yes, passengers are encouraged to participate in the set up and inflation of the balloon as well as packing it back up. It is all part of the ballooning experience.

Can I smoke in or around the balloon?

No. Propane is highly flammable and explosive. The balloon fabric is also subject to damage by a stray spark or hot ash.

How long is the flight?

Flights are forty-five minutes to an hour. However, you should plan on two to three hours for your entire ballooning experience.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?

Planning ahead is the key. There are no bathrooms aboard the balloon. It is a good idea not to drink too much before the flight… especially avoid caffeine.

Can I take pictures or video?

Yes, pictures are encouraged. Be sure your camera has a strap.

Can friends come and watch us?

Yes, ballooning is best shared with friends. However, our seating in the chase vehicle is limited, so they will need their own transportation.

How do you steer the balloon?

Balloons float in the wind. The pilot can go up and down to find winds going in differing directions when they are available.

Where will we land?

We will land in a open area where the wind takes us. This is one question that is never answered until the day of the flight.

How will we get back?

The balloon crew will meet us at the landing area, assist with the pack up and take us back to where we launched.

5 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. How long does each ride take when you purchase the tethered event? Trying to figure out how many rides in an hour. Thank you.

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